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Media Exposure Discount Voucher Guidelines

Version 1.3– Dated 21 June 2013

Positive media coverage for the event and event sponsors is particularly beneficial for the growth of adventure sports. Geocentric has a program in place to offer vouchers to individuals or teams who generate positive media coverage for themselves, the event and event sponsors (e.g. have articles published, appear on television/news, do interviews etc). The greater the focus on the event/sponsors and the larger the audience, the larger the potential voucher. Also the more relevent the sport is to the audience the greater the potential voucher. Vouchers may be redeemed against future entry fees to Geocentric events.

Up to a maximum of $300 per instance of media coverage will be available subject to the following conditions:

- Geocentric reserves the right to solely assess and determine amount (from zero to the maximum)
- Only coverage from 12 months before to 12 months after the event is eligible.
- Original copies of any print coverage must be submitted – no original, no voucher.
- Copies (e.g. DVD, tape recording etc) must be submitted for all other coverage.
- One piece of coverage, one voucher (i.e. if it is coverage of a whole team or teams then you sort out between yourselves how to share any voucher).
- Discount voucher only, no cash payments or refunds of already paid entry fees.
- Negotiation will not be entered into, Geocentric’s decision is final.

To apply for the media discount voucher you must complete the linked media discount voucher form and send it with either the originals for print coverage, or copies for TV/Radio etc to Geocentric. No copy, no voucher!

Contact Details

To increase the potential discount voucher, you are welcome to provide information like readership numbers, listeners/viewers etc – we can only assess on what you provide.

Finally please note that discount vouchers are only available for coverage you arrange, do not confuse this with coverage of you! For example a local news reporter is at the event and they interview/ photograph you for a local paper – sorry, no voucher. However, if you chase around/ call a sports magazine and arrange them to come and do a story specifically on your team that is published, then that is eligible.



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