Team Sponsorship for Geocentric Adventure Races

Version 1.1– Dated 19 Feb 2009

Sponsorship of teams competing in Geocentric events is permitted within the guidelines outlined below and in accordance with rules in the Rules for Geocentric Adventure Races. Team sponsors are in fact encouraged and may assist teams offset the monetary costs and equipment requirements of the event. In return sponsors will potentially receive positive marketing outcomes.

Note: for information on sponsoring Geocentric events, please contact

How to Obtain a Team Sponsor

It is important to firstly realise that sponsors will only support your team if they feel you can help them meet their business and marketing goals. The hard reality is that most businesses won’t sponsor you because they like your team or the sport, but because it may help their business. Ian Adamson said in an edition of Adventure Sports Magazine regarding sponsorship “Consider your response to a stranger asking you for money because they want to go to an amusement park”. This is your challenge to overcome

Below are suggestions to assist in obtaining team sponsorship:

a. Understand your potential sponsor, what they do, their market and goals.

b. Understand that while sponsorship is a partnership, they are essentially paying you for a service. It isn’t a free ride.

c. There is a lot you can do for a sponsor that doesn’t involve media coverage. Think about your other potential benefits to them e.g. product testing and design improvements, promotional and speaking activities, writing reviews and testimonials, making a promotional video, attending their trade shows etc.

d. Don’t ask a sponsor for what they don’t have. Some sponsors just don’t have cash lying around to support your sport. Sometimes providing you gear or products is all they can afford. Be appreciative.

e. Don’t promise a sponsor what you can’t guarantee e.g. winning a race!

f. Local media is a great way to give coverage to your sponsor. Local papers and regional television are always on the lookout for relevant local news. Send media releases to local media before the race, offer to do an interview on local radio, write a story for you local paper, send them photos you took during the race, take a handy cam and send footage to your local TV news. Be creative and you may be surprised at the coverage you can get.

A Sponsorship Proposal

At some point you will have to come up with a sponsorship proposal. Below are a number of considerations when putting together a proposal.

a. Keep the proposal brief and to the point.

b. Consider including a brief team history, biography of members, previous results/ achievements and future goals.

c. Tell the sponsor how you can benefit them.

d. In case you didn’t read the above point, tell the sponsor how you can benefit them!

e. Include pictures and video if possible, it will be much more visually appealing.

f. Lastly outline what you are requesting from them.

Team Sponsor Recognition

At Geocentric events, team sponsors may be recognised in the following ways:

a. Team Name - Your team may be named after your sponsor. It is recommended that team names be limited to no more than three words to provide best exposure for your sponsors. This name will be used in all correspondence, announcements, results etc where a team’s name is referred to.

b. Team Biography Web Page - Each event allows a team biography page. You have the option to upload a sponsor graphic or team photo to this page.

c. Sponsor Clothing and Equipment Patches - NO sponsor patches may be fixed to the official race vests provided by Geocentric. Team are permitted however to adorn the remainder of their clothing and equipment with sponsor logos. Depending on the event, there may be additional guidelines to follow. Please check with the race organiser. Note for XPD event only - XPD competitors may sew sponsor patches onto bibs providing no event logo are obscured.

d. Recognition at Race Presentations - If a team receives a race placing which entitles them to speak at the presentation ceremony, they are permitted to verbally recognise their sponsors.

e. Media Coverage – Most Geocentric events are covered to some degree in the media. There is the possibility that through this coverage team sponsors will also get coverage. For specific anticipated media coverage for a Geocentric event please email

Final Thoughts

Obtaining sponsorship can be a difficult task. It requires a lot of work on your behalf. Ask yourself is all the work going to be worth it? Do you really need a sponsor in the first place? Don't forget that the work doesn’t stop once you obtain a sponsor either, it has only just begun.

However, if you are still determined to obtain sponsorship, and the notes above haven’t put you off, then best of luck. Sponsorship can be a rewarding partnership and will hopefully be beneficial to both you and your sponsor.